Welcome to NuSpeed Network, a unique platform designed with a mission to bridge the gap between youth sports, and the parents, coaches, and fans who passionately support them. We are not just a sports streaming platform, but a community that thrives on the energy and camaraderie of youth sports.

NuSpeed Network emerged from the vision of our founder, Shawnn Guthrie. A veteran sports announcer, Shawnn spent years in the booth passionately narrating game play for his children’s football and cheer events. However, it was during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic that the idea for NuSpeed Network was born.

During those unprecedented times, stadiums were deserted, and games were played to empty bleachers due to public spacing rules and limited access. Families, friends, and ardent fans found themselves cut off from the thrill and excitement of live games. It was then that Shawnn recognized an urgent need – to create a medium that could bring the magic of youth sports games to people, regardless of their location.

This was not just about streaming games; it was about creating a unique, engaging, and supportive space that celebrates youth sports while also giving back to the teams. Every time a team signs up with us, they receive a portion of our subscription fee. This initiative helps to raise vital funds to support teams with their equipment and supplies needs, thus fostering a stronger, more equipped generation of athletes.

At NuSpeed Network, we believe in the power of sports to bring people together, to inspire, and to strengthen communities. And now, we’re able to share that belief with you through each game that is played and streamed on our platform.

Whether you’re a parent looking to catch your child’s big game, a coach eager to analyze performances, or a fan who loves the spirit of youth sports, we’re delighted to welcome you to the NuSpeed Network community.

To all the youth sports teams out there, we invite you to join our network. Together, we can build a better, stronger future for youth sports by ensuring no game goes unseen and no team goes unsupported.

Join us on this exciting journey, where every play counts and every game matters. Welcome to NuSpeed Network, your new home for youth sports.

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